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Welcome! My name is Monzer Darwish and I’m a creative director, filmmaker, and CG generalist based in the Netherlands. I specialize in helping new and established businesses create captivating, consistent visual identities that build brand awareness and increase engagement.

My love for this work was sparked at a young age when my mother started a new job as a computer teacher and brought home her first computer. From that moment, I was introduced to a world of possibilities I never imagined could exist. I watched with amazement as my mother worked on converting school books into computer programs, soaking in everything I could. Even as a child, I knew that I had discovered my passion.

Ever since, I’ve worked to expand my skills in filmmaking, graphic design, motion graphics, game and web development, hone my craft, and embrace more complex, exciting challenges. Over the years, I’ve captured footage that offers an inside look into experiences that most people otherwise wouldn’t see. One unique experience entailed documenting the effects of the Syrian war on people in surrounding areas. I’ve also filmed the underground heavy metal scene, capturing the everyday lives of musicians in war-torn cities. Additionally, I produced a short film about my migration across the Mediterranean towards Greece that won first prize at the London School of Economics and Political Science for Migration Video Competition.

Since my arrival in the Netherlands in 2015, I have completed work for several different businesses as a creative director, CG generalist, web developer, and graphic designer. I offer a range of services including visual identity creation, rebranding, printable designs, video editing, motion graphics, web design and development, and interactive applications. Whether I’m creating visual branding for a new business or an interactive screen for a musician, my goal is to intimately understand each client’s vision and seamlessly bring it to life.

To me, my work is much more than just a way to pay the bills—I truly love what I do and take great enjoyment and pride in each and every project. If you’re interested in working together, don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss your unique vision and goals.

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